Pinter Criticism
Title, Author, Publisher Date Comments
Tulane Drama Review,
British Theatre 1956-66
Various, article on Pinter by Kelly Morris
Tulane Drama Review
1966 p. 185 article on 'The Homecoming'
Martin Esslin
Friedrich Verlag Velber bei Hanover
1967 German
Harold Pinter
Walter Kerr
Columbia University Press
1967 Pamphlet
Plays of Harold Pinter
Kenneth S Woodroofe
Thoughts Current in English Literature
1967 Pamphlet
Harold Pinter
Arnold P Hinchliffe
Twayne's Publishers, New York
1967 Twayne's English.
Author's Feries
El Absurdo entre Cuatro
Paredes: El teatro de Harold Pinter
Ariel Dorfman
San Francisco University press
1968 (Spanish) Dorfman waited 22 years to present this book to Pinter as it was abandoned in Chile when he had to flee due to the political situation. In the front of Pinter's copy the dedication reads; 'This has waited 22 years and thousands of miles and lots of love and admiration from so near and so far, so I could bring this to you, Harold and of course for you Antonia, from Chile that is now democratic and still threatened, Ariel, Nov, 1990'.
Harold Pinter - dramaturge
de l'ambiguite
Daniel Salem
1968 French
Stratagems to Uncover
Nakedness - The drama's of Harold Pinter
Lois G Gordon
University of Missouri Press
Harold Pinter
John Russell Taylor
Longmans, Green & Co.
1969 'Studies development of Pinter's so called comedy of menace exemplified in The Birthday Party in which the mood alternates between the jocular and the terrifying, with the humour matching the horror, to the later pieces such as Tea Party and the Homecoming, which explore the question of personal identity and the verification of experience.'
The Peopled Wound:
The Plays of Harold Pinter
Martin Esslin
1970 'Throughout the book the author has kept the wider context of Pinter's work in mind so that, in the last analysis, its scope transcends the confines of a monograph on one dramatist and becomes a contribution to the understanding of contemporary drama in general as well as an important addition to the theory of playwriting itself.'
Pinter - The Playwright
Martin Esslin
1970 'Martin Esslin's study has become a standard work since its publication in 1970. This fifth, expanded edition covers Pinter's most recent plays, including Mountain Language, The New World Order and Party Time…'
Harold Pinter
Arlene Sykes
University of Queensland
1970 'Covers the whole body of Pinter's dramatic work in print, and, most important, his plays for stage, radio, and television are analysed in terms of the media for which they were written.'
Pinter - Study of his Plays
Martin Esslin
1970 An up to date 'The Peopled Wound' and includes new section on Old Times.
Harold Pinter, The Poetics of Silence
James R Hollis
Feffer & Simons, inc.
1970 'Deals with his significance for the contemporary experience'.
Casebook on Harold Pinter's -The Homecoming
John Lahr
Grove Press
1971 Contains interviews about the approach to the play by a director, a designer and various actors.
Etudes Anglaises
Daniel Salem
1972 Les Adaptations Cinematographique de Pinter
Pinter - a Collection of
Critical essays
Arthur Ganz
Prentice Hall
1972 'Martin Esslin, Ruby Cohn, John Russell Taylor, and an impressive list of other critics (including Pinter himself) offer an engrossing assessment of the dramatic and psychological evolution of Harold Pinter's work'.
Theatre Language
John Russell Brown
Alan Lane, Penguin
1972 On the language of Arden, Osborne, Pinter and Wesker, section on Pinter p.15 - 118
Revolutions in Modern English Drama
Katherine J Worth
G. Bell & Sons
1972 Section on Pinter p.86, post war English playwrights are seen against the background of the pre-war theatre.
Harold Pinter W
illiam Baker & Stephen Ely Tabachnik
Oliver & Boyd
1973 Exploration of Pinter's ethnic background and his art. Makes use of previously unpublished letters and biographical information.
The Plays of Harold Pinter,
an Assessment
Simon Trussler
Victor Gollancz Ltd.
1973 'Brings Pinter-criticism down from the rarefied heights of applied Freudian psychology. He looks afresh at each play, considers its relation to contemporary political and philosophical thought and evaluates its success or failure as an artistic whole.
Film Literature Quarterly
Edward T. Jones
Salisbury State College
1973 Volume 1 No.2 Writing on The Go Between.
The Pinter Problem
Austin E Quigley
Princeton University Press
1975 'Examines the existing scholarship in the field to discover the cause of the current impasse of critics to understand Pinter's work'.
Anger and Detachment: A Study of Arden, Osborne and Pinter
Michael Anderson
Pitman Publishing
1976 Theatre Today Series
Where Laughter Stops - Pinter's Tragicomedy
Bernard F. Dukore
University of Missouri Press
The Dream Structure of Pinter Plays - A Psychoanalytic Approach
Lucina Paquet Gabbard
Fairleigh Dickenson University Press
1976 'Harold Pinter's works have provoked critical controversy because of their obscurities, ambiguities and interrelationships. Dr. Gabbard approaches these problems through the mechanisms of the dream and shows that the plays group around the oedipal wish…'.
Il Theatro di Harold Pinter
Guido Davico Bonino
1977 Italian
The Language of Modern Drama
Gareth Lloyd Evans
Rowman and Littlefield
1977 Section on Pinter p.166
Butter's going up - A critical analysis of Harold Pinter's work
Stephen H Gale
Duke University Press
1977 'Demonstrates effectively that Pinter writes groups of plays on a major theme, then moves on to a new theme and another series of dramatic variations.'
Pinter, A Bibliography
Compiled by Rudiger Imhof
TQ Publications Ltd.
1978 His works and occasional writings with a comprehensive checklist of criticism and reviews of the London Productions.
Harold Pinter: An Annotated Bibliography
Professor Steven H. Gale
Boston: G.K. Hall
Comparative Drama, vol.12, no.3 - Dance to a Cut Throat Temper: Harold Pinter's Poetry as an index to intended Audience Response
Christopher C Hudgins
Comparative Drama
1978 Section on Pinter p.214
Studies in Foreign Literature, Facing Facts - The case for Betrayal as Pinter's best play.
Leonard H Knight
Nara Women's University
Playing Safe - No Man's Land: Pinter's cold Pastoral
Leonard H Knight
Nara Women's University
Stratford-upon-Avon Studies
Malcolm Bradbury and David Palmer (editors)
Edward Arnold
1981 Chapter IV "Harold Pinter's Idiom of Lies', by Guido Almansi
Post-war British Theatre Criticism
John Elsom
Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd
1981 Section on The Homecoming p.155
Cinematic Fidelity and the forms of Pinter's Betrayal
Enoch Brater
Enoch Brater
Harold Pinter
Bernard F. Dukore
1982 Exploration of Pinter's dramatic art, succinct biography of his life and work and discussion of Pinter's place in contemporary drama.
Harold Pinter
Guido Almansi and Simon Henderson
1983 Contemporary Writers
Harold Pinter: You never Heard Such Silence
Alan Bold (editor)
1984 Critical Studies Series includes sections written by Peter Hall, Randall Stevenson, Jennifer L Randisi, Stanley Eveling, Charles A Carpenter, Ronald Knowles, Katherine H Berkman, Steven H Gale and Bernard F Dukore.
Cagdas tiyatroda Harold Pinter gelenegi
Jak Deleon
1984 Turkish
Radici Sepolte Il Teatro di Harold Pinter
Dario Calimani
Leo S. Olschki
1985 Italian
Pinter's Comic Play
Elin Diamond Associated University Press
1985 'What is the basis for Harold Pinter's tense comedy, and how does it function in his plays'. Covers major drama from The Room to Other Places.
Pinter - The Player's Playwright
David T. Thompson
1985 Discloses previously unknown information about the early acting of Pinter, throwing new light on his special theatrical qualities.
The Basement : Harold Pinter on BBC TV
Christopher H Hudgins
Modern Drama
1985 Pamphlet
Making Pictures: The Pinter screenplays
Joanne Klein
Ohio State University Press
1985 Looks at Pinter's adaptations of other people's novels.
Harold Pinter: Critical Approaches
Professor Steven H. Gale
Boston: G.K. Hall
1986 Rutherford, NJ: Farleigh Dickingson University Press. (also, London and Toronto, Associatied University Presses). 16 articles and additional meterial on a range of Pinter's work from a diversity of scholarly points of view.
Stundenblatter Pinter, The Dumb Waiter
Wolfgang Herrlinger
Ernst Klett Verlag
1986 German
New British Drama in Performance on The London Stage 1970-1985 Richard Allen Cave
Colin Smythe
1987 Chapter 1 on Pinter
Harold Pinter Roberto Canziani and Lorenzo Codelli
Trieste Tratro Stabile
1988 Italian
Cithara Penelope Prentice
St Bonaventure University
1988 Essays in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition: Love and Survival: The Quintessence of Harold Pinter's Plays
Pinter's Female Portraits
Elizabeth Sakellaridou
Macmillan Press Ltd.
Harold Pinter - A Casebook
Lois Gordon
1990 Contains essays by Esslin, Cohn, Quingley, Lodge, Ben-Zvi, Wellwarth, Burkman, Gale, Hollis Merrit, Mengel, Gillen and Gordon
Critical Essays on Harold Pinter
Steven H. Gale
G.K. Hall and Co
1990 Includes essays by Diamond Sykes and Gillen. La Figura Femminile Nel Teatro Di Harold Pinter Patrizia Tambosi Centro di Cultura Dell'Alto Adige 1990 Italian
Human Communications - Models for Analysis - The Language of Harold Pinter's Plays
Doina Lecca
Universitatea Din Bucuresti
1990 Course of lectures held in Bucharest
La Figura Femminile nel Teatro di Harold Pinter
Patrizia Tambosi

1990 Pamphlet in Italian
Pinter in Play
Susan Hollis Merritt
Duke University Press
1990 'Survey of diverse reading of the Harold Pinter canon organised around and presented in terms of the major critical schools the past twenty-five years, from New Criticism to deconstruction to poststructuralism.'
Harold Pinter The Dramatist
Chitranjan Misra
Creative, New Delhi
1992 Attempts to understand the 'synthesis of naturalistic and non-naturalistic elements worked out by the playwright'.
El Llenguatge en la Produccio Teatral De Harold Pinter
Mireia Aragay I Sastre
1992 Spanish
A Kind of Alaska - women in the plays of O'Niell, Pinter, and Shepard
Ann C. Hall
Southern Illinois University Press
1993 Pinter's whores, chapter 3.
File on Pinter
Malcolm Page
Cox & Wyman Ltd.
1993 Checklist of Pinter's plays, detailed performance history, excerpted reviews and a selection of the writer's own comments on his work.
Pinter at Sixty
Edited by Katherine H Burkman & John L Kundert - Gibbs Indiana University Press
1993 'To celebrate his sixtieth year, an international group of scholars and theatre artists gathered in 1991 to asses the achievements of Harold Pinter. The eighteen essays gathered here discuss Pinter in production, his politics, and his poetics.'
Harold Pinter and the Language of Cultural Power
Marc Silverstein
Lewisburg Bucknell University Press
1993 'Addresses how language functions in Pinter's plays, what the relationship is between language and subjectivity in the plays, and what the plays reveal about how language serves as a vehicle for cultural power'.
Conversations avec - Harold Pinter
Mel Gussow
1994 French
Harold Pinter A Question of Timing
Martin S. Regal,
Reyjavik University
1995 Focuses on the way in which Harold Pinter conceives of and dramatises time….'
Harold Pinter Un Ritratto
Gianfranco Capitta and Roberto Canziani
1995 Italian.
Understanding Harold Pinter Ronald Knowles
University of South Carolina
1995 'Comprehensive, accessible introduction to Pinter.'
Harold Pinter - A question of Timing
Martin S Regal
St. Mark's Press inc.
1995 French
Site Unseen: Beckett, Pinter, Stoppard and other contemporary dramatists on Radio
Elissa S Guralnick
Ohio University Press

1996 Chapter four on a Slight Ache
The Life and Works of Harold Pinter
Michael Billington
Faber & Faber
1996 First authorised biographical study of Pinter.
Coup de Theatre
Nicole Boireau (editor)
1997 Regards sur The Caretaker. (French)
Genevieve Chevalier,
Centre de Recherche sur les Ecritures de Langue Anglaise Universite de Nice
1997 French
Kafka and Pinter: Shadow Boxing
Raymond Armstrong
St. Martin's Press
1999 First major study to focus on the extraordinary affinity between these two heavyweights of twentieth-century literature.'
Harold Pinter - The Caretaker, The Birthday Party, The Homecoming
Bill Naismith
Faber & Faber
2000 Study guide to The Caretaker, The Birthday Party and The Homecoming. (To see Review)
The Pinter Ethic - The Erotic Aesthetic
Penelope Prentice
Garland Publishing
2000 'A comprehensive study that looks at every single Pinter play and film script all wrapped up under an intriguing subtitle.'
Harold Pinter - A Celebration Various, with an introduction by Richard Eyre
Faber & Faber
2000 'In this tribute to Pinter on his seventieth birthday, a number of people from theatre, television, radio and the worlds of cricket and political commentary have come together to celebrate the writer and the man in specially written pieces for this book.
Harold Pinter: The Films
Professor Steven H. Gale
Boston: G.K. Hall

April 2001 State University of New York Press (Albany). To include ten articles on Pinter's films.
Writers & their Work: Harold Pinter
By Dr. Mark Batty
Publishers: Northcote House
August 2001 Study Guide to the dramatic works of Harold Pinter with
emphasis on the theatrical potential of the plays.
The Cambridge Companion to Harold Pinter
Edited by Peter Raby
Published by Cambridge University Press
September 2001 The Cambridge Companion to Harold Pinter provides an introduction to one of the world’s leading and most controversial writers, whose output in many genres and roles continues to grow.
The Pinter Review
Edited by Francis Gillen and Steven H. Gale
Published by University of Tampa Press
2002 Collected Essays 2001 and 2002 with contributions from Donald Freed, Mel Gussow, Francis Gillen, Eileen Diss, Prapasseree T. Kramer, Steven H. Gale
and many more.
Pinter and the Object of Desire: An Approach through the Screenplays By Linda Renton.
Published by Legenda, European Humanities Research Centre, Oxford University.
May 2002 A reading of the screenplays which shows Pinter at the forefront of film theory, and offers a fresh approach to the stage plays and other works.
Sharp Cut: Harold Pinter’s Screenplays and the Artistic Process.
Published by The University Press of Kentucky
Aug 2003 Gale analyzes Pinter’s creative process from initial conception to finished film
The Art of Crime: The plays and films of Harold Pinter and David Mamet.  Edited by Leslie Kane
Published by Routledge
2004 The Art of Crime is the first volume to examine the centrality of crime in the work of Harold Pinter and David Mamet.
The Pinter Review
Edited by Francis Gillen and Steven H. Gale
Published by University of Tampa Press
2004 Collected Essays 2003 and 2004 with contributions from Mark Batty, Susan Hollis Merritt, Charles Grimes, Francis Gillen, David Jones, Steven H. Gale and many more.
Pinter in the Theatre, compiled and edited by Ian Smith .
Published by Nick Hern Books.
Feb 2005 This is a multi-faceted exploration of an immensely pragmatic man of the theatre - a book for those who wish to investigate the practical processes by which Pinter's work in the theatre is made.
The Faber Book of Monologues: Men. Edited by Jane Edwardes
Published by Faber
Feb 2005 It includes an exciting selection of speeches from a diverse range of first-class playwrights, including, of course, Harold Pinter.
About Pinter: The Playwright and the Work by Dr. Mark Batty
Published by Faber
Sept 2005 The book is part of the ĎAbout....' series. An ideal, one stop book for Drama and English teachers in schools, for students at college and university, and for those who want to know more about the playwright and the work.
Harold Pinter A Bibliographical History
William Baker and John C. Ross
ISBN 0712348859
Published by The British Library
Published in North America by Oak Knoll Press
July 2005 Harold Pinter is one of the most prolific of living British authors, with a writing career so far of fifty-eight years. This bibliographical history provides a comprehensive account of the print-published writings, and texts in other media, which he has wholly or partly authored, and will be a valuable resource for all who have a scholarly interest in modern British literature.
Harold Pinter and the Twilight of Modernism
Varun Begley
ISBN 0802038875
Published by University of Toronto Press
2005 The Frankfurt School's discourse on modernism has seldom been linked to contemporary drama, though the questions of aesthetics and politics seem especially germane to the plays of Harold Pinter. Examining plays from 1958 to 1996, Varun Begley argues that Pinter's work simultaneously embodies the modernist principle of negation and the more fluid aesthetics of the postmodern.
Harold Pinter's Politics: A Silence Beyond Echo
Charles Grimes
ISBN 0838640508
Published by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press
2005 Harold Pinter's Politics examines the expression of Pinter's political beliefs across every aspect and era of his artistic career.
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