The Pinter Review Annual Essays 1999 - 2000
Harold Pinter as Romeo
Pinter at School Henry Grinberg
Pinteresque Margaret Atwood
Body and Soul: Poetics and Politics in the Work of Harold Pinter Donald Freed
Harold Pinter and the Case of the Guilty Pen Katherine H. Burkman
Harold Pinter: from Moonlight to Celebration Martin Esslin
An Experience of Pinter: Address to the International Conference on Harold Pinter Michael Billington
From the Pinter Archive, The British Library, London
A Comment on a Holograph Fragment Found Among the Drafts of No Man's Land A Feminine Voice Francis Gillen
Holograph Draft Fragment Harold Pinter
Poetry, Plays and Films
Vision and Desire in Harold Pinter's Unpublished Poem "August Becomes" Linda Renton
Celebration in Performance; the Drama of Environment Robert Gordon
Harold Pinter's Ashes to Ashes: Political/Personal Echoes of the Holocaust Susan Hollis Merritt
Harold Pinter's Screenwriting: the Creative/Collaborative Process Steven H. Gale
Speaking out

An Interview with Harold Pinter

Elizabeith Sakellaridou
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Degree Speech April 18 2000 Harold Pinter
Pinter and Other Writers
Harold Pinter and T.S. Eliot Ronald Knowles
Living in the Present: Pinter and O'Neill, Parallels and Affinities Robert Combs
Pinter in Production
Finding Pinter's Subtext: Directing The Lover Sidney Homan
Political and Personal Worlds of Play: Women at Play Perform Pinter's Ashes to Ashes Robert Conklin
Shaping Ambiguity: The Chemistry Between Silence, Ghosting, and Framing Devices within a Production of Harold Pinter's Ashes to Ashes Christy Stanlake
Finding Themselves: The Mandrake Theatre Company's Production of Harold Pinter's The Dwarfs Ann C. Hall
Harold Pinter's The Dwarfs in London: A Playwright's Perspective Penelope Prentice
No Man's Land in Athens Elizabeth Sakellaridou
Books on Pinter
Harold Pinter and the New British Theatre by D. Keith Peacock Steven H. Gale
Postmodern/Drama : Reading the Contemporary Stage by Stephen Watt William Hitchings
Staging the Rage: The Web of Misogyny in Modern Drama ed. Katherine H. Burkman and Judith Roof Leigh Joyce Harbin
London Report
Harold Pinter 1998-2000 Ronald Knowles
Harold Pinter Bibliography 1996-1999 Susan Hollis Merritt
Program of the International Pinter Conference, London , England
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