The Pinter Review Annual Essays 2001 - 2002
A Festival of Creative Genius, Toronto, Canada, October 17 2001
Then and Now  
Harold Pinter and the "Unfashionable Theatre": An interview with Ronald Harwood Donald Freed
Pinter on Pinter: the Lincoln Center Interview
Mel Gussow
From the Pinter Archive, The British Library, London  
Draft of Landscape Harold Pinter
"The Shape of Things" Landscape in Draft, Text and Performance Francis Gillen
Landscape and Celebration, Set Designs Eileen Diss
Critical Perspectives  
"Oh, My True Love": The Lover in Pinter's Landscape Prapassaree T. Kramer
The Unhemilich Maneuver: Ashes to Ashes and the Structure of Repression Craig N. Owens
"You Brought It Upon Yourself": Subjectivity and Culpability in Ashes to Ashes Jessica Prinz
Pinter's Phenomonological Mis-en-Scene Elizabeth Sakellaridou
The Playwright as Director: Pinter's Oleanna Ira B. Nadel
Pinter in a Turkish Context Ibrahim Yerebakan
Production The Lincoln Center Festival  
The Lincoln Center Pinter Festival: An Overview Steve H. Gale
The Room and The Homecoming, set designs Eileen Diss
Talking About Pinter"An Introduction to the Works of Harold Pinter", by Michael Billington; "Playwrights on Pinter": Arthur Miller, Edward Albee and John Guare; "Actors on Pinter": Blythe Danner, Live Schreiber and Henry Woolf; and "Directors on Pinter" David Jones, Gari Jones and Karel Reisz Reported by Susan Hollis Merritt
Menace Multiplied: Harold Pinter's A Kind of Alaska and One for the Road Reviewed by Anne C. Hall
Monologue at Lincoln Centre Reviewed by Susan Hollis Merritt
The Gate Theatre's The Homecoming Reviewed by Charles Grimes
The Room and Celebration Performed by Almeida Theatre Reviewed by Katherine H. Burkman
Mountain Language and Ashes to Ashes: A Playwright/Director's Perspective Reviewed by Penelope Prentice
Virtual Pinter  
Virtual Pinter: Using technology to Re-member The New World Order John and Kristin Kundert-Gibbs
London Report  
Harold Pinter 2000 - 2001 Ronald Knowles
Harold Pinter Materials in the Margaret Herrick Library at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Center for Motion Picture Study Steven H. Gale
The Pinter Ethic: The Erotic Aesthetic (2nd edition) by Penelope Prentice Reviewed by Peter V. Arcese
Harold Pinter and the New British Theatre by D. Keith Peacock Reviewed by Steven H. Gale
The Films of Harold Pinter by Steven H. Gale Reviewed by William Hutchings
Harold Pinter Bibliography: 1999 - 2000 Susan Hollis Merritt
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